What about muscle soreness after using dumbbells?

Rest and recovery: Avoid performing another intense workout on a sore muscle to avoid aggravating the injury. Give the muscle one or two days of rest to allow it to recover naturally.

Light activity: Performing activities such as gentle stretching, walking or yoga can help reduce muscle soreness and promote recovery.

Hot and cold compresses: For muscle soreness, try hot or cold compresses to relieve discomfort. Hot compresses can promote blood circulation and muscle relaxation, while cold compresses can reduce pain and reduce inflammation.

Gentle massage: Use tools such as fingers, massage balls or rollers to massage in a gentle manner.

Supplementation and hydration: Ensure adequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals to support muscle repair and growth.

How to do if the dumbbell piece is loose?

Stop using the dumbbell: In the case of a loose dumbbell piece, stop using the dumbbell first to avoid an accident or further damage.

Check the threads: Check the threads on the dumbbell tabs and the dumbbell bar. Make sure the threads are not damaged or worn, which could cause loosening.

Retighten the dumbbell tabs: Reattach the dumbbell tabs to the dumbbell bar and make sure the threads match. Using an appropriate tool (such as a wrench or dumbbell tab tightener), rotate the dumbbell tabs in a counterclockwise direction until they are snug in place.

Test Fixation: After retightening the dumbbell tabs, perform a test to ensure they are securely fastened to the dumbbell bar. Gently shake the dumbbell to ensure that the dumbbell pieces are not loose or wobbly.

What should I do if I am too slippery when using dumbbells?

Use gloves or grip pads: Wearing appropriate exercise gloves can provide additional grip and anti-slip effect. Alternatively, consider using specially designed grip pads that have a textured or rough surface to increase grip.

Adjust your posture and hand position: Check your posture and hand position when using dumbbells. Make sure the palms of your hands fit perfectly on the surface of the dumbbells and try not to let your hands slide. Adjust the position of your hands to find the most comfortable and stable grip.

Clean the dumbbell surface: Cleaning the dumbbell surface regularly will remove accumulated dirt and restore friction to the surface. Clean with an appropriate cleaner and a damp cloth, and make sure to dry thoroughly.

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